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I’m fortunate enough to be the annual fashion week plus one of my friend and business partner, Mukondi. Every season we go out to see the dazzling designs of none other than Rubicon! I have to tell you dressing to go and look at fashion is a really intimidating thing. Where does one start with an outfit for an evening of looking at outfits?

The theme is also pretty confusing if you’re me because I always have a million possible interpretations of something at any given time (blame it on the right brain). This year the theme was No Colour…you see how never-ending the possibilities are? Is it black, white, “nude”, brown, something sheer, or no colour limitations? Anyway, I wore pink. 🙂 Let’s chat about that rationale in person over a large bottle of wine.

This is actually a coat I picked up from Zara paired with some strappy Steve Madden heels that I’ve been abusing lately. Also pictured in this post, is my friend, mom and business partner Mukondi. This is a rare occasion as she is not a fan of posing for pictures all willy-nilly so I believe we should all raise a glass to her! Cheers!

What I love most of all about this look is my hair. I asked my hairdresser if she could cook up a very last minute hairstyle for fashion week that would work with my natural hair. We discussed a few options and settled on this very neat single row style which I love completely. We did use heat (a lot) but I seldom do, so  I can live with it once in a while. If you’re interested in the stylist’s contact details just drop me a comment and I’ll mail them to you.

To see this season’s designs by Rubicon click here and follow for regular updates and inspo.

Images by Tegan Smith Photography



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    1. Hi There, thank you so much. My photographer is usually Mothusi Molote. Search @Mothusimomolote via Instagram to contact him directly. 🙂

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