Transitioning Dairy: Bantu Knots


Hi Friends,

I have finally mustered up the courage and scraped together the time to put this post up. I love it when I get feed back or suggestions about content and this post is one that generated a few questions on my Instagram so I’m really excited to share it with you.

As you may know I have been transitioning to natural and doing away with the creamy crack for seven months now. I have very dense and tightly coiled hair so usually it’s easy for the relaxer to ‘wear’ off by itself without me having to cut and start afresh. In recent time though, I think I may have over processed my hair leaving it dry, brittle and with split ends.I decided to give my hair a break from the chemical damage and go back to natural but the process hasn’t been as easy as I had first imagined. The hair closer to my scalp was good strong virgin growth and the hair towards the ends was brittle and processed. I wasn’t confident that the new growth was long enough for me to just get rid of the top hair and I wasn’t certain that I wanted such a short do. In came the Bantu Knot out style.

I spoke to Jawad of Lajawi Beaute Cafe and he suggested that this was a great style for my specific challenge. (This isn’t even a promotional post but I can say with confidence that he is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to hair of all types, pay the salon a visit if you need some advice.) This style is perfect to wear as a transitioning hair style because once the curls have set you don’t have to style it any further. The curls last up to two weeks and are the cutest thing ever. The other lovely thing about this style is that it requires no heat. One can just wear the knots as a style till the hair has dried.

The pictures  and video below are a diary of how these are done. I have to say I love The Perfect Hair‘s Style And Define cream, that is also pictured below and you can visit their website here. It really helped define the curls and as the style wore off it settled into a beautiful little afro.

I did this style a few times over and braided in between which helped me to manage my hair while it grew out a little longer. One can easily do this at home and I’m sure I’ll be doing that too as get to know more about my hair and how to treat it. I have just cut all of the processed hair away now leaving me with a tiny little fro with tapered sides (I couldn’t resist a fade) and I’ll post a selfie on IG soon. I am super excited to grow my hair out naturally. I’ll share anything I learn here and on my social media pages, so please feel free to do the same. Tag me in your posts and share your Shea Butter connects with me, I’m clueless! Please also share locally manufactured product as well. It helps to help on another.

Let me know below if this was helpful or if you have some advice having gone through a similar process.

All content shot by Mothusi Mo Molote

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