Well cursor, curse you this time. I have finally plucked up the courage to put up my very first blog post. And what a topic to start, PAHREE!



Between croissants, macaroons and beautiful storied architecture, somewhere in a hazy ambrosia of city romance I found what makes Paris Paris; Beauty. This is the city where the beauty of all things is paramount. Literally. Parisian folk have a keen aesthetic alertness like none I’ve ever come across. Everything will be beautiful if it’s the last thing they do.

My first review of the city is simple: Believe the hype. Paris delivers on every single promise it makes. In a conversation with a friend I described it as the most not-overrated thing I have ever experienced. Perhaps I lack the soberness of a seasoned traveller but if you are a hatchling wanderer like myself, you will not be disappointed.

There is far too much to tell about Paris and this from someone who stopped over for a measly three days. Because I was a first time traveller I put together this little three-point How To for others like myself. I also included a picture diary to take you where my words cannot.

How To Paris In Three Days:

1. Be touristy:

If there has ever been a city in the world to do this, it is Paris. Go full-throttle. Pack a selfie-stick, wear a back-pack, take pictures of everything and see all the sites you can get to. It is all worth it.

2. Be comfy:

There is so much walking to be done in this city especially if you want to get point number one right. Pack a reliable pair of walking shoes. My advice is a breathable pair of trainers -they’ll combat the heat while carrying you painlessly around the city. It’ll also be useful to pack a ballsy sunscreen if you’re visiting in the summer, it gets hot out there and the sun only sets after 10pm.

3. Be french:

I’m kidding. But do learn as much beginner french as possible. Phrases that came in handy included: “How much is” “We want to go to” “We are from South Africa” “We don’t speak much french” “How far is” and the usual politenesses and greeting such as “Please” and “Thank you”, “hello” and “goodbye”. My favourite language apps to use are Duolingo and Google Translate.

4. Be central:

Staying at the heart of all the action was just about the best decision we made. We used AirBnB to find low cost accommodation in one of the most central areas Le Marias. This helped a lot in terms of getting around and back considering we only had three days and spending them in transit wasn’t part of the plan. Le Marais also turned out to be one of the coolest shopping districts for youthful Paris brands like COS.

5. Be prepared:

This is the only point you need to remember from this post if you remember nothing else. Firstly, travel light. I mean it. You don’t want to find yourself having your lotion confiscated at the airport like me. Long story, but fortunately I didn’t end up ashy in France…I still wouldn’t take chances if I were you. Secondly, save up. This is such an important point. Unless you are Richy Rich, I suggest you put that old dusty piggy bank back into employment. Seeing all the gorgeous things one sees in Paris and not being able to buy them damn near killed me. Lastly and perhaps most obviously, read up on all you would like to do beforehand. This will help you pack a sardine-can-full of activity into a short stay – Once you know where you want to go you can allocate suitable amounts of time to each site or activity.

6. Fun

Really, go out there and fun. I know I’m breaking the english language a little but this is for a good cause. Have fun, let loose…what Pharell said. Don’t take the experience too seriously. A silly attitude will help you get through the few lows you come across like one or two mean locals or riding the wrong train due to the language barrier. “It’s alright darling, you’re in Paris” is the motto.

Pictures below.

IMG_3092 IMG_3082




















IMG_3306 IMG_3325 IMG_3365 IMG_3377 IMG_3417 IMG_3260 IMG_3139IMG_3145 IMG_3130 IMG_3127 IMG_3107 IMG_3104
IMG_3092IMG_3097 IMG_3100Love,



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