Day Visit: Black Horse Brewery

I recently visited the Black Horse Brewery  after months of stalking it via other people’s Instagram pages. Yay to going to the places you stalk. It’s a little over an hour’s drive out of Joburg and most of the route is quite scenic. That coupled with the badass playlist we had going, the ride felt like it went by in a blink.
The very first thing we did was order ribs and wings – duh, that’s the protocol. (Which I just made up) Then we each got a brew of our choice. I somehow wound up with a pink beer, go figure. The universe is on my side. The food and drink are cool if you’re a big fan of simple, rugged fare but that was not my highlight. Don’t get me wrong, the food and drink we cool, I was just secretly there for something else. 

What got me was the surrounds. It’s a beautiful farm with horses and cows and land for as far as Simba could see in The Lion King. For a quick Saturday drive away from the nasty buzzing weekend Joho vibe it is completely worth every moment.  I took a few photos on my phone so they aren’t the grandest but I hope they’ll give you a sense of the beautiful views.

I hope I’ll get to do a lot more of these hour-away day vists, they’re a great way to get out of the same old weekend drinking routine. I really felt like I had a weekend… some fresh air and the novelty of a beautiful new place can do that.


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