A deeply potent cocktail of inspiration, beauty, luxury and magic all in a shot glass that you take straight to the head in a week; The Cannes Lions Festival. It was an experience that will never leave my mental memory box or the “that one time” collection of conversation starters. Nothing that I can fit into a blog post can cover the feeling or the absolute dream it all was but luckily my camera was there to help me out. And as one does when in doubt, I made a list.

When in Cannes you must:

1. Do everything there is to do:

Before you say “Durrrr” this isn’t as obvious as it seems. The temptation when you’re on vacation is to sleep in and only emerge out of your room around midday. This means less day! Don’t do it. Get up early and get top bed late, you’ll sleep when you’re dead, for a very long time. rather break your day up into day activities and night activities that way you’ll get to every nook and cranny the city has to offer. You’ll be sleep deprived but rich in the currency of memories.

2 Eat. Play. Love:

Ladies leave you man, I mean diet at home. When in Cannes, you must eat! This was the best food week I’ve ever had. The french aren’t famous for food for nothing. [take a moment to appreciate that alliteration.] The best food is along a street called Le Suquet, an old preserve of Cannes that strings one culinary haven a mere two meters from the next.

3. Do St Paul de Vence:

A little away from the Barbie-and-Ken-ness of Le Croisette is a fortress on a hill straight out of a storybook called Saint Paul De Vence. It is like the cherry on top of the beautiful city that is Cannes. Here you can shop and eat and look at things made with such craftsmanship that each one could be framed and exhibited.

4. Take the ferry Isle St Honorat

I am not lying; This is an Island where monks make wine. As made-up as it sounds it is real and very beautiful. Also, you get to take a ferry there which is as fun to say as it is to do. There is a serenity that can’t be faked that exists on this island. There are vineyards and pretty pebbled shores where you can take a dip or relax. In the rare case that you own a yacht, you can take one there and dock right on the shore as we saw many doing.

5. Get a pass to the Lions Festival

I was fortunate enough to attend the Cannes Lions Festval and the most I can say is that it reignited my love for the communication arts in a way that no other experience can match. From tech to entertainment to advertising and art, there were talks from speakers as bold and dynamic as the talks themselves. To mention a few of the ones I saw; Jessica Walsh, Pharell Williamns, Al Gore, Monica Lewinsky,, Kim K, and Viola Davis. What an experience!

Pics below, Enjoy!
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  1. Such a shame that Few will know the pleasure of having read this post. I could read this 1000 times over ♥
    On my lunchbreak, trying by all means to kill the Monday blues. Mission accomplished. Definitely sharing this post. Xo

  2. I could hear you speak through your writing, you write so well!

    Belly laughs, giddy smiles and awe… totally felt the experience through your words and pics.

    1. Thank you my darling! I’m glad you enjoyed it. (Footnote: I’ll never need a hype man in life you’re so supportive!)

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