Travel Diary: Namibia

Well after 2505342631 hours of driving, 345634 naps, 2344 stops to braai and a sleepover in Botswana we finally made it to Walvis Bay Namibia. The above sentence is only true if you consider how it felt rather than what actually happened. In truth, it was a three day trip with one or two stops along the way, including an impromptu roadside braai. The drive was first fun, then long, then fun then long and so on till we all knew one another far too well. We drove from Pretoria through Rustenburg into Botswana. We went all the way through Bots, passing Kanye and  ultimately spending the night in Kang. The next morning we drove into Namibia. We stopped in Windhoek for our first Windoek on Namibian soil before carrying on all the way to Walvis Bay. It was a long trip for which I would recommend two night’s rest, one night in Kang and another in Windhoek.

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Travel Diary: Dakar Senegal

What a way to start my Travel More Africa conquest. I have always dreamt of seeing more of our beautiful home but haven’t really set the time or money aside. Few things excite me more than travel lately…I’m not sure if it’s my age showing but I scream for a good vacay and a bit of DIY these days.

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Well cursor, curse you this time. I have finally plucked up the courage to put up my very first blog post. And what a topic to start, PAHREE!



Between croissants, macaroons and beautiful storied architecture, somewhere in a hazy ambrosia of city romance I found what makes Paris Paris; Beauty. This is the city where the beauty of all things is paramount. Literally. Parisian folk have a keen aesthetic alertness like none I’ve ever come across. Everything will be beautiful if it’s the last thing they do.

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