A deeply potent cocktail of inspiration, beauty, luxury and magic all in a shot glass that you take straight to the head in a week; The Cannes Lions Festival. It was an experience that will never leave my mental memory box or the “that one time” collection of conversation starters. Nothing that I can fit into a blog post can cover the feeling or the absolute dream it all was but luckily my camera was there to help me out. And as one does when in doubt, I made a list.

When in Cannes you must:

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Well cursor, curse you this time. I have finally plucked up the courage to put up my very first blog post. And what a topic to start, PAHREE!



Between croissants, macaroons and beautiful storied architecture, somewhere in a hazy ambrosia of city romance I found what makes Paris Paris; Beauty. This is the city where the beauty of all things is paramount. Literally. Parisian folk have a keen aesthetic alertness like none I’ve ever come across. Everything will be beautiful if it’s the last thing they do.

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