Look Post: Boyfriend x Girlfriend


I love pairing a masculine or androgynous item with a really dainty feminine item like I’ve done with today’s featured look. The rugged boyfriend jeans, whispy white top, and dainty Slithur sandals really create a combo that I think is perfectly descriptive of my personality.

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Look Post: Short & Sweet

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True to the title of this post, I’d like to be short and sweet. This look is my favourite summer ensemble, the playful neckpiece from Lovisa being the hero piece. I bought these denim shorts from MRP about four years ago after seeing Beyonce in a similar pair looking godly. (Not embarrassing at all, we must all do as the queen does). What I love most about denim is that it lives forever.

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Calabash DIY Decor

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My grandpa grows calabashes every year to use around the house and gift to family and friends. Recently he gave me one full one (igabha) and one half one that can be used as a scoop (inkapho).

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#WCW: Elekanyani Ndlovu

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Elekanyani Ndlovu is a woman who’s credentials I could list in the singsong manner of praise poetry, yet one of the humblest people I have met in a long time. She is a qualified engineer with a BSc in Electrical Engineering from UCT and an accomplished business woman with a meaningful contribution to the energy sector. Ele is a mother of two, sister, wife, friend and now also a role model to yours truly. It has been a women’s month full of blessings, one of which was being introduced to Ele. When I first met her I noted the calming warm smile she had and soon found out that behind that kind smile lay a wealth of business acumen and a mind valued on various boards. Her experience in the energy sector includes working on large scale infrastructure and renewable energy projects with direct responsibility over billions of rands; testament to the technically astute engineer and sharp business woman that she is. I had a fantastic chat with her this past Sunday which broadened my perspective and left me very inspired. I haven’t known Ele for long but what I can say is that I love the sisterly woman that she is, always nurturing and teaching in her manner yet ever warm and fun to chat to. Moreover, I love how sternly she answered my question about blessers in the Q&A, making me step back and think about the place from whence this question came. I am honored to have had the opportunity to share a bit about her with you below in our Q&A.

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#WCW: Amanda Makhapela


Today my WCW is Amanda Makhapela, entrepreneur, finical wiz and my very own friend. Having studied a BA Communication Management specialising in Creative Brand Communication at Vega, Amanda has been everything but predictable with her career path. Today she is a both an Investment Trader & Analyst and co-owner of  The Sneaker Shack, a sneaker valet service in the Maboneng Precintc’s Maverick Corner. I went down to the shop to up my cool creds, get my Stan Smiths valeted and chat about the inspirational woman that she is. See our Q&A below.

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Any Woman You Like



This Women’s Month a really prevalent theme for me has been variety of self expression. If there is one thing my mother and grandmother have always emphasised about being a woman it’s that there is no recipe for being the perfect woman – we are not cakes.

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Transitioning Dairy: Bantu Knots


Hi Friends,

I have finally mustered up the courage and scraped together the time to put this post up. I love it when I get feed back or suggestions about content and this post is one that generated a few questions on my Instagram so I’m really excited to share it with you.

As you may know I have been transitioning to natural and doing away with the creamy crack for seven months now. I have very dense and tightly coiled hair so usually it’s easy for the relaxer to ‘wear’ off by itself without me having to cut and start afresh. In recent time though, I think I may have over processed my hair leaving it dry, brittle and with split ends.I decided to give my hair a break from the chemical damage and go back to natural but the process hasn’t been as easy as I had first imagined. The hair closer to my scalp was good strong virgin growth and the hair towards the ends was brittle and processed. I wasn’t confident that the new growth was long enough for me to just get rid of the top hair and I wasn’t certain that I wanted such a short do. In came the Bantu Knot out style.

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Big Hair Do Care


This passed weekend while doing my Bantu Knot Out at Lajawi Beaute Cafe I came across a convenience I had never really considered before, a wig. While I know the likes of Beyonce and Gabriel Union don a fab piece practically daily, I had never taken into account that I might be a candidate for a wig. I was about to leave the salon in my knots (a style I’m happy to wear out while my Knot Out dries) when Jawad asked if I had ever tried a wig on. I hadn’t, so since it wasn’t much of a commitment, I tried it and it was love at first sight!

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Spur Trail Series

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I might have mentioned that I was looking for new and interesting ways to stay fit this winter. I find if I commit to certain activities and book ahead of time (and pay) then I’m more likely to actually follow through. The winter weight always gets me and this year I planned to stay ahead of the kgs by planning fitness activities.

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