Any Woman You Like



This Women’s Month a really prevalent theme for me has been variety of self expression. If there is one thing my mother and grandmother have always emphasised about being a woman it’s that there is no recipe for being the perfect woman – we are not cakes.

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Transitioning Dairy: Bantu Knots


Hi Friends,

I have finally mustered up the courage and scraped together the time to put this post up. I love it when I get feed back or suggestions about content and this post is one that generated a few questions on my Instagram so I’m really excited to share it with you.

As you may know I have been transitioning to natural and doing away with the creamy crack for seven months now. I have very dense and tightly coiled hair so usually it’s easy for the relaxer to ‘wear’ off by itself without me having to cut and start afresh. In recent time though, I think I may have over processed my hair leaving it dry, brittle and with split ends.I decided to give my hair a break from the chemical damage and go back to natural but the process hasn’t been as easy as I had first imagined. The hair closer to my scalp was good strong virgin growth and the hair towards the ends was brittle and processed. I wasn’t confident that the new growth was long enough for me to just get rid of the top hair and I wasn’t certain that I wanted such a short do. In came the Bantu Knot out style.

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Big Hair Do Care


This passed weekend while doing my Bantu Knot Out at Lajawi Beaute Cafe I came across a convenience I had never really considered before, a wig. While I know the likes of Beyonce and Gabriel Union don a fab piece practically daily, I had never taken into account that I might be a candidate for a wig. I was about to leave the salon in my knots (a style I’m happy to wear out while my Knot Out dries) when Jawad asked if I had ever tried a wig on. I hadn’t, so since it wasn’t much of a commitment, I tried it and it was love at first sight!

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Spur Trail Series

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I might have mentioned that I was looking for new and interesting ways to stay fit this winter. I find if I commit to certain activities and book ahead of time (and pay) then I’m more likely to actually follow through. The winter weight always gets me and this year I planned to stay ahead of the kgs by planning fitness activities.

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Weathering The Winter In My GXB Bomber Jacket


I completely understand why everyone is obsessed with the bomber jacket trend. These don’t just look great they are actually pretty warm. I’ve always wanted to get something from Galxboy because of how effortlessly cool the brand is. I also may or may not have wanted to wear their stuff because (Lord knows) I need the street cred. So when I spotted these on their Instagram page I hit the pre-order button quick fast. They come in three colours, navy blue, pink and green. It was love at first site for me with the green but I wish I had the racks to shout “I’ll take ’em all” while I ordered but alas.

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Barbara Mckenzie Blanket Wrap


An absolute fav of mine this winter, this blanket wrap also comes in green but Mukondi beat me to it. I am not complaining though, I love this warm blue hug of mine. Many of us are guilty of spending money on expensive international brands and not supporting our local designers…well I’m attempting to get rid of nasty habit and create some balance. This item is one of three pieces of clothing that I own from Kendi Sapepa’s brand Barbara Mckenzie. Check her out on her site and see if anything tickles your fancy.

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DIY Grapefruit Cellulite Busting Balm


I’ve caught a bit of the DIY bug where homemade beauty products are concerned. I’ve been making masks and scrubs and all the hocus pocus one can conjure up from their kitchen cupboard. One exciting hack I found is this amazing cellulite reducing balm that you can make with two easy-to-find-ingredients.

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Leather Jacket


Obviously one cannot get through winter without at least one leather jacket. I’ll go as far as to say one can’t get through life without it. I had been looking around for a biker style jacket since the chill set in and when I saw this Only and Sons baby on Superbalist it was love at first sight. (I could have made a lame pun there about “love at first site” but I have changed.)

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