Look Post: SAFW

I’m fortunate enough to be the annual fashion week plus one of my friend and business partner, Mukondi. Every season we go out to see the dazzling designs of none other than Rubicon! I have to tell you dressing to go and look at fashion is a really intimidating thing. Where does one start with an outfit for an evening of looking at outfits?

The theme is also pretty confusing if you’re me because I always have a million possible interpretations of something at any given time (blame it on the right brain). This year the theme was No Colour…you see how never-ending the possibilities are? Is it black, white, “nude”, brown, something sheer, or no colour limitations? Anyway, I wore pink. 🙂 Let’s chat about that rationale in person over a large bottle of wine.

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30 Day Running Challenge

Discipline is the answer. I know it hurts to read it but it’s true. I’m the last person to instruct anyone on discipline but when I look back at what I learned through my 30 Day Running Challenge, that’s what floats to the surface every time.

The only way to be certain I’d get a run in was waking up at 5am and getting on the road, eyes at half mast but still hitting the tar. I wish there was a trick, you know? Something I could find on Pinterest under life-hacks. The reality is there isn’t. As I said in one of my posts on Instagram during the challenge, I fully understand the Nike slogan now. You have to “Just do it”. No magic cookie or elixir, all it is is just you getting up (even when you’re forcing it) and getting out there for your run.

I ran 5km daily (when I didn’t bail) and here are some helpful tools I would pass to anyone trying to complete one of these challenges:

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Look Post: My Favourite Espadrilles

Hi, you guys!

It’s been a long time since I’ve said anything by way of a blog post. I’ve been hard at work cashing all the cheques my mouth wrote as New Year’s resolutions – one of which I’ll be sharing with you here soon. This post is all about my love affair with a pair of shoes I haven’t been able to put down since the day I got them as a birthday gift.

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What A Year

I’m sitting by a window at my grandparents’ place listening to the rain and I can only think of three words when I decide to write this post. Those three words are “what a year”. I have cooked, made the last of the Christmas decorations with my siblings and this is a moment for me to introspect. Oh no! It’s my birthday and after all the laughing, cake eating and teary speeches I now have a moment to myself. This is a terrible thing because this solitary moment happens every year and the same old water works come rushing in as a result. Perhaps it’ll help if I give you some background.

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Eat At: Perron

Oh the sweet smell of Saturday in Joho. Well… it can be sweet if you pay a churro inspired visit to Perron. I’m certain this isn’t the first time you read about my favourite Mexican restaurant in town but I couldn’t resist sharing this post with you.

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Beauty: Rooibos Tea Face Care

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Here’s a really nifty trick I learned from my sister. Using our very own South African Rooibos Tea to calm my skin. Last week I had a crazy rash all over my face practically out of the blue. I looked the one moment and there it was, all over me like a… well like a bad rash as they say. I audited my diet for the days leading up to this and came up with nothing new so I still have no clue what caused it but luckily I now know how to get rid of it. 

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Eat At: Momo Baohaus

Pictured in the above image is a woman simultaneously in a moment of sheer bliss and ferocious attack. I can’t really explain why but me and bun bao are the greatest of friends. I’m no food aficionado but I can testify having had a taste-gasm during my recent visit to Momo Baohaus. 

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Look Post: Glam Meets Comfort


It’s the most wonderful time of the year…if you’re a glamazon like me. I love getting dressed up for all the year-end parties! I know it’s stressful and there’s a theme that’ll flatter no-one but if you’re selfish enough, yes selfish, you’ll have the time of your life! I always try to be the most me I can be within the confines of a theme or dress code, that’s the only way one can be comfortable all night.

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