What I Have Learned From: Frida Kahlo


In a word: Self-love. I consider the artist Frida Kahlo a beautiful example of self-acceptance, or at least self-acknowledgement. Many times when I am looking at one of her famous self-portraits I think about what I find to be a powerful theme – she did not edit herself. She painted her likeness exactly the way she saw it in the mirror, complete with unibrow and mustache. No beautify filter or minimization of what could be considered masculine features. She let it all shine on the canvas and I find that to be one of the most beautiful kinds of bravery. “Yes, I accept, I acknowledge and I love me. 

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Day Visit: Black Horse Brewery

I recently visited the Black Horse Brewery  after months of stalking it via other people’s Instagram pages. Yay to going to the places you stalk. It’s a little over an hour’s drive out of Joburg and most of the route is quite scenic. That coupled with the badass playlist we had going, the ride felt like it went by in a blink.
The very first thing we did was order ribs and wings – duh, that’s the protocol. (Which I just made up) Then we each got a brew of our choice. I somehow wound up with a pink beer, go figure. The universe is on my side. The food and drink are cool if you’re a big fan of simple, rugged fare but that was not my highlight. Don’t get me wrong, the food and drink we cool, I was just secretly there for something else. 

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Look Post: As My Mother Called it; Jean To Jean

A fond memory springs to mind whenever I clad myself in all denim. It’s a memory of my mom getting ready to go to town on a Saturday morning. I used to wake up at 6 am almost every Saturday to watch cartoons and eat cereal (in peace) before my terrorist little brother woke up. I must have been about 8 years old and my brother would have been a little over a year old. (Said brother has since outgrown his terrorist phase and is now a really nice guy.) As part of my routine, I would go to my mom’s room and watch her routine. Every detail, from getting dressed to makeup and hair. She would entertain all my questions and attempts at taking part until the one sad question would arrive; “can I come with you to town?” which was always met with the inevitable “no, your brother will cry all over town.”

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Look Post: Dusty Pink Jumper x Leather Skirt

Ok, by show of hands who else loves socks with pompoms? Ok maybe that’s not a thing but I found a pair and I am now into that sort of thing…who knew? Anyway, that’s not all I’m wearing in this post. I’m also wearing a dusty pink chunky knit with a little leather skirt. How crazy? I love the combo because
it makes me feel like a college girl – very few responsibilities so I dress to end up anywhere today – type thing. haha. 

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Winter Acai Bowl Recipe

Hi my friends,

Its winter and I’m trying everything not to get the flu because who can afford to be sick right? I try and get as much defense from my diet as possible and I find that smoothies/juices are the easiest way to pack all that nutrition into one compact meal. Here is a recipe for a vitamin C packed immune system boosting one that I love. What I love most about this mean medley is the acai berry action that I snuck in. Read more about the benefits of acai berries here. See recipe below. 🙂

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Coffice Alert: Grind Coffee Company

Look I won’t lie…they had me at “Coffee In A Cone”. What? Get out of town! I heard about the place from my amazing visuals homie, Mothusi and I thought I have to check it out. Grind Coffee Company is in Melrose Arch (0n Whitely road if you want to go right this second). The coffee is a strong hearty roast, that can be enjoyed in a cone in a variety of brews (Espresso, Cappucino, Chocaccino, Americano etc.) Beverages can also be enjoyed in regular drinking containers if your think the cone thing is way out.

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Look Post: Kitty Cat Shirt x Grey Extra Length Cardy

Looking around for affordable ways to keep warm this season. Is it just me or is this year colder? Maybe I’m just older…I digress. My goal is to have enough other wear to pair with a few items that I already own so as not to break the little bank.

The look I’m featuring today is a feline twist on the classic white shirt. The cat collar shirt I’m wearing is from Choies. I love it wholeheartedly and the best part is that I got this on sale. The benefit of being a season behind the rest of the fashion world is that we get the winter clearance goodies from abroad in time for our chilly season. I’ve paired this with a long cardi from H&M. They have a decent range of warm goodies at a good price. Full outfit details below:

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Green Camper Jacket


This is a quick in and out post, my friends. I just wanted to share this nifty find I copped at H&M that I am currently living in.  I love this green camper jacket for autumn and winter this year. I love the versatility of it, it’s like an instant “I have this under control” cover. I’ll try a share a few more of the outerwear pieces I picked up recently…winter is coming!

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Look Post: SAFW

I’m fortunate enough to be the annual fashion week plus one of my friend and business partner, Mukondi. Every season we go out to see the dazzling designs of none other than Rubicon! I have to tell you dressing to go and look at fashion is a really intimidating thing. Where does one start with an outfit for an evening of looking at outfits?

The theme is also pretty confusing if you’re me because I always have a million possible interpretations of something at any given time (blame it on the right brain). This year the theme was No Colour…you see how never-ending the possibilities are? Is it black, white, “nude”, brown, something sheer, or no colour limitations? Anyway, I wore pink. 🙂 Let’s chat about that rationale in person over a large bottle of wine.

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