My Favorite Johannesburg Coffices

If you’ve been following me for even 2,5 seconds, you’ll know how much I love a good Coffice. What is a Coffice you ask? A coffee (Coff) shop that one can work from like an office (Ffice). I literally rely on coffices on days when I need to zone out and get things done. Or even just days when I have to work between meetings. I have created an arsenal of coffices around town so that I know where to stop and get online when I need to. I pick my favorites based on wifi speed, noise levels, food, coffee (I’m no cofficionado though) and my personal bias which I like to call ‘vibes’. My favorites, in no particular order (because suspense is life) are as follows:

Nice On 4th
A pretty Parkhurst fav with really good pastry. There’s pretty good wifi and the owner who is often there is lovely. It’s a little noisy around lunchtime but some days I don’t mind…I’m armed with my earphones and a good podcast at all times!

WiFi – 9/10

Noise Levels – 6/10

Milkbar Rosebank



Milk Bar in Rosebank is an eclectic spot just under The Mesh Menber’s Club. I half reside there…domicile me! I can’t get over the convenient meals, strong coffee and upbeat old-school SA music in that setting that feels like a meeting of Fela and Hugh. I’m a sucker for a good old hipster vibe.

Wifi – 10/10

Noise Levels  – 6/10


Lillielef is actually not really a coffice by coffice snob standards, but I love to work from there. It’s just off Rivonia road not too far from 12th Avenue. I really think this is my best kept secret because it is the perfect quiet hideaway.  The cafe has a small though tasty selection of food which is super easy on the pocket. Lilliesleaf is actually one of SA’s best heritage sites where one can learn about Apartheid and the journey towards democracy. The cafe is decorated with Sophiatown motifs and lamp shades with black and white photographs of icons like Miriam Makeba.  I love to sit there have a bite and a cuppa while I get my life.

Wifi – 6/10

Noise Levels – 10/10

The Syrene Boutique Hotel

Another quaint hide-away. I see a theme emmerging here but I can explain. I like to work in places where I can have a certain level of shadiness when it comes to my dress code – hence all the hiding. I couldn’t be bothered to look pristine all the time, I am not the one! So on days when I feel like active wear shall be the order of the day, I go to the one of the more hidden gems on my list. My personal shadiness aide, The Synrene is a lovely little boutique hotel in Rivonia. The wifi is crazy fast and the waiting team are always so professional. The prices are a little hotelly but I don’t mind just grabbing a coffee and some breakfast there sometimes when I need to be poolside with loads of internet.

Wifi – 10/10

Noise levels – 10/10



It’s Tuesday morning (or another day that has the midweekiness of a Tuesday) and I have a major deadline to meet by 9am. No problem! I’m out of the house by 5am so I can shake off the sleepiness and I’m in Lulu’s by 5:30-ish. I’m met with a warm greeting and the same friendly question, “the usual, sisi?”. It’s not a food blogger’s favorite spot but it does have a touch of home that can carry one through all those early morning deadlines or that backlog of post-leave emails.

Wifi 9/10

Noise levels – 7/10


Craft in Parkgurst is a great spot to just pull up and plug in. It’s quite a spacious restaurant so there’s always room for a meeting over one of their ginormous milkshakes, I mean coffees. Haha. The menu has tons of variety and the waiters are nice. I like to go for the coffice element but what you have to do is try one of those milkshakes! Incidentally, that is where I shot the hero image of this post. 🙂

WiFi – 9/10

Noise Levels – 7/10

Remo’s at Waterfall

If you stay that side of town then Remo’s at Waterfall corner gets five stars for me. The staff is nice, the WiFi is fast and the food is good and well priced. Not to mention the manager is cute! Heads up, If you’re not into milk-milk (with actual lactose) then you’ll have a tough time because they don’t have any of the substitutes (almond, coconut etc).

Motherland Coffee

The team of baristas is fantastic – always bubbly and down for a quick chat. The chicken salad is something I feel I need to mention in this blog post, it is delicious. The coffee isn’t for the faint hearted (literally) so I usually ask for a weak cuppa. I go to the one in Dunkeld which is often central for me considering meetings and other errands. The music is also really great.

Wifi – 7/10 (Sometimes I struggle to load mail when I’m there but everything else works)

Noise levels – 5/10 (its not a quiet spot but the vibe is good)

Starbucks Rosebank

The holy grail of coffices! You name it – well priced food and coffee, variety of coffees, plug space, loads of wooden furnishings. Can you tell I like it there? I suppose this is on everyone’s list and rightfully so. My only niggle is that it is not the place to go when you are trying to hide (refer to my comments about The Syrene). Other than that weird personal gripe, it’s really amazing. At this juncture I feel it is correct for me to give a shout out to Starbucks Brooklyn. I know this is a post about JHB but if you are ever in PTA in need of a coffice, the Brooklyn branch is fantastic!

Wifi – 10/10

Noise Levels – 6/10

I have one or two other favs including Pauls in Melrose (although its super busy) and Contessa Tea Connoisseur in Rivonia (who’s actual speciality is tea).


Wifi – speed

Noise levels – how quiet is is. 10 = super quiet and 1 = super noisy


Milkbar Exterior Shot:

Nice on 4th: 

Liellies Lief:!interests.mygeni%3Fig%3D6&psig=AOvVaw2tkorhJSaacqIS5xxbVsTo&ust=1511203010987960

Image of The Syrene

Image of Motherland Coffee

Craft Images shot by Ofenste Rangaka

Milk bar image of me shot by Mukondi Ralushayi

Lilliesleaf image of me shot Mukondi Ralushayi

Lulu image of me shot by Mukondi Ralushayi

Starbucks Rosebank Image by Mothusi Molote

The remaining images are shot by yours truly.



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