Look Post: Sling Bag As A Fanny Pack

The week when we shot this look was a classic Jozi autumn week, partly sunny with a crisp coolness in the air. This is why I focused my look on transitioning from one season to another. Of course as fate (and entrepreneurship) would have it, I waited too long before sharing this entry and it has gotten pretty cold in that time. Never mind, I have found something about this look which will weather the storm. That, my friends, is this make-shift fanny pack. 

I’m sure you’ve seen the trend creeping out from under the dusty rug that is soccer-dads and “practical people”. Yes, the fanny pack is back! (And not ironically either). As usual I raised my nose at the trend until it gripped me by the shoulders, looked me square in the eyes and said “Look babes, Kourtney Kardash’ is all over this. Get with the program!”.

Well, here we are, I have turned my beautiful leather sling/clutch into a new slash, a fanny pack. I’m wearing it here over a knit jersey and figure hugging LBD by wrapping the detachable strap around my waist twice. I love this, it’s a sort of waist belt, isn’t it? Delightful! This is now definitely my most versatile bag ever! The rest of my outfit was thrown together with slightly chilly weather in mind, non-comittal and ready for anything.

Dress – Zara

Shoes – Zara

Jersey – Nevermind

Bag (The highlight of my looks lately)-  Antelo 

Sunglasses – Third Eyewear 

Coffee (Because it’s part of the vibe) – Vovo Telo (Parkhurst)

Images by the amazing Layla Shaik 

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