Look Post: Glam Meets Comfort


It’s the most wonderful time of the year…if you’re a glamazon like me. I love getting dressed up for all the year-end parties! I know it’s stressful and there’s a theme that’ll flatter no-one butĀ if you’re selfish enough, yes selfish, you’ll have the time of your life! I always try to be the most me I can be within the confines of a theme or dress code, that’s the only way one can be comfortable all night. For example, I wore this slip dress to a black tie gala dinner I was recently invited to. Two motivations, “can I eat in this? It is a dinner after all.” and “is it glam and gala dinner fit?”. The answer is yes to both. See? One selfish motivation and one that’ll fit into the theme or dressĀ code, that’s the trick. This dress is from Zara and the shoes are a fav from Aldo, both chosen with the hopes of striking a balance between comfort and glam. I love the way this dress moves and how it responds to light. All the glam none of the drama of a super tight or revealing number. This way one can schmooze and work the room all they want.

All images by Mothusi Mo Molote

img_9251-1 img_9302
img_9300 img_9298 img_9296-1 img_9294-1 img_9292-1
img_9288 img_9279
img_9276-1 img_9265 img_9262-1

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