MBFW Day 2

Day two was fabulous! I think the twinkle in my eye has been restored. I love the fanstast of fashion. I felt like a little girl at the theme park. I know I said I wouldn’t review but I was really bowled over by Orapeleng Modutle’s show! Woweee. Hopin for an invitation to something amazing soon so that I can have an excuse to get into one of his creations. 

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Being Every Woman: Winnie Madikizela Mandela

What is there to be said that hasn’t already been said in praise of the great mam’ Winnie Madikizela Mandela. This is by far the hardest lesson to distill into a short write up. The lessons have been plenty and truly meaningful. One thing I can grasp as a singular theme is her ability to embrace the complexity of being a woman.

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A Lesson In Letting Your Excellence Do The Talking: Sade Adu


“There’s a quiet storm that is you.” One of my favourite lines from Sade’s (the group) The Sweetest Taboo. For me, that line perfectly describes the lead singer, Sade Adu. She’s a quiet storm, never announcing or brandishing her brilliance. Still, her strength can be felt by all who come into her path. Today my lesson for women’s month is by Folasade Adu: Letting your excellence do the talking.

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Look Post: SAFW

I’m fortunate enough to be the annual fashion week plus one of my friend and business partner, Mukondi. Every season we go out to see the dazzling designs of none other than Rubicon! I have to tell you dressing to go and look at fashion is a really intimidating thing. Where does one start with an outfit for an evening of looking at outfits?

The theme is also pretty confusing if you’re me because I always have a million possible interpretations of something at any given time (blame it on the right brain). This year the theme was No Colour…you see how never-ending the possibilities are? Is it black, white, “nude”, brown, something sheer, or no colour limitations? Anyway, I wore pink. 🙂 Let’s chat about that rationale in person over a large bottle of wine.

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Transitioning Dairy: Bantu Knots


Hi Friends,

I have finally mustered up the courage and scraped together the time to put this post up. I love it when I get feed back or suggestions about content and this post is one that generated a few questions on my Instagram so I’m really excited to share it with you.

As you may know I have been transitioning to natural and doing away with the creamy crack for seven months now. I have very dense and tightly coiled hair so usually it’s easy for the relaxer to ‘wear’ off by itself without me having to cut and start afresh. In recent time though, I think I may have over processed my hair leaving it dry, brittle and with split ends.I decided to give my hair a break from the chemical damage and go back to natural but the process hasn’t been as easy as I had first imagined. The hair closer to my scalp was good strong virgin growth and the hair towards the ends was brittle and processed. I wasn’t confident that the new growth was long enough for me to just get rid of the top hair and I wasn’t certain that I wanted such a short do. In came the Bantu Knot out style.

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