30 Day Running Challenge

Discipline is the answer. I know it hurts to read it but it’s true. I’m the last person to instruct anyone on discipline but when I look back at what I learned through my 30 Day Running Challenge, that’s what floats to the surface every time.

The only way to be certain I’d get a run in was waking up at 5am and getting on the road, eyes at half mast but still hitting the tar. I wish there was a trick, you know? Something I could find on Pinterest under life-hacks. The reality is there isn’t. As I said in one of my posts on Instagram during the challenge, I fully understand the Nike slogan now. You have to “Just do it”. No magic cookie or elixir, all it is is just you getting up (even when you’re forcing it) and getting out there for your run.

I ran 5km daily (when I didn’t bail) and here are some helpful tools I would pass to anyone trying to complete one of these challenges:

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Spur Trail Series

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I might have mentioned that I was looking for new and interesting ways to stay fit this winter. I find if I commit to certain activities and book ahead of time (and pay) then I’m more likely to actually follow through. The winter weight always gets me and this year I planned to stay ahead of the kgs by planning fitness activities.

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Lessons from: My first 30 Day Running Challenge



After watching this Ted Talk about 30 Day Challenges I decided what better way to kick off the year than to embark on my own challenge, fitness. When I say I decided I mean that Mukondi decided for us. We set off the very next day so as not to procrastinate or wait for Monday (which I’ve learnt is like the gateway drug of procrastination). The challenge was quite simply to run 5km every single day for 30 days. We would track our distance and pace using the Nike Plus app. Easy right? Nope. Here are a few things I learnt through this challenge: 

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