DIY Grapefruit Cellulite Busting Balm


I’ve caught a bit of the DIY bug where homemade beauty products are concerned. I’ve been making masks and scrubs and all the hocus pocus one can conjure up from their kitchen cupboard. One exciting hack I found is this amazing cellulite reducing balm that you can make with two easy-to-find-ingredients.

You will need:

10 Drops of Grapefruit Essential Oil (Available at Dischem)

30ml of Coconut Oil (Available at Dischem)

Mix ingredients together in a sealable tub and Bob’s your uncle! This is a topical balm so pretty please don’t eat it. Rub it on your cellulity bits and say Nkgabi three times! Kidding…I’m trying it out for three months. I’ll post a review on Instagram or Snapchat. Please share your experience with me if your try it.

Read more about the benefits of grapefruit here.

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